KLEEM Mantra – The Love Mantra

Kleem Mantra is Also known as the Love Mantra.

Dr. Pillai calls Kleem the sound for “emotions, wealth, feminine power, and relationship power”.

Benefits of chanting Kleem :

It brings love, money and god in our side. It aligns the universe to our side. or you can say by chanting we align ourselves to the universe, align to the plan of universe. Whatever our deepest desires, our true desires are, those are given to us for a reason. Those are the plans of that universe wants to manifest through us, but overtime, we let that inner voice take a back seat, and go in the direction which is more appropriate in the eyes of society. But Kleem has the power to align energies around us, align us to bring to us what is really meant to be ours.

How To Chant Kleem?

  • You can chant it in the normal voice, or subtly in mind. a low, deep and subtle sound is best to chant Kleem Mantra
  • You can also chant it with your partner or as a family. Kleem mantra has power to bring families and partners together.
  • When Chanting, elongate the eeeeeee part of the word kleem, and mmm part should be small. Sound of  Mmmm is in between nnnn and mmmm.

Here is a Kleem Mantra Recording that you can use as a reference and also play in the background as you do your normal chores.

Its Kleem Mantra Recorded 108 Times. There is specific significance of chanting this mantra for 108 times, which we will cover later.

If you have any questions leave us a comments. Blessings!!


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