Kleem Mantra – How to Use It?

Kleem Mantra is a powerful seed or beej mantra.

If we use it properly we can get many benefits out of it. In this post i will explain how to use it, so that you get maximum results out of chanting this beautiful mantra

How to use Kleem Mantra?

  • In one sitting yo should chant Kleem Mantra for 108 times. at the minimum. If you have more time then you can chant it for 108×2 or 108×3 times. but at a minimum in one stretch you should chant for 108 times. You can buy a meditation mala – with 108 beads, this will help you to count, without distracting you from meditation practice.
  • You should chant it subtly in mind or in low volumes. Take your voice as deep as possible, feel the vibrations of Kleem in your tummy.
  • The Best Time to Chant Kleem is very early morning, around 4AM. Do not do chanting meditation after a meal. Always do it before the meal.
  • When chanting Kleem, do not have any goal or aim or desire in mind, that you are chanting Kleem because you want a particular person in life, or you want a particular luxury car, or you want to win a lottery. Do not dictate your terms to the universe. Kleem does not work that way. When chanting Kleem, you align your vibrations with that of the universe, that ways what is best for you will manifest easily. If the person whom you love is best for you, chanting Kleem will make it easy for you to meet, and remove all the obstacles in your path
  • Chant it along with you partner, along with your family members or in a group. The vibrations become even stronger.

You can listen to Kleem Mantra below, its chanted 108 times and when you are working you can play it in Background.



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